A Reminder to our [Eritrean] Historical Discourses

This piece was written in response to a respected Ethiopian Awatista after he tried to put a shade on what Abay Woldu, an Ethiopian, from Tigray region, who was a member of TPLF leadership during the armed struggle and now a governor of Tigray state, said on the occasion of 40 anniversary of TPLF.

Eyob put,

I am in a different opinion with many here, including my compatriots and the writter himself. I don’t see any problem that Ato Abay mentioning his triumph, trials and tribulations with different political opponents during the early stage of the armed struggle. He did not call for a revenge, now he is in a better place. He did not differentiate between Ethiopian oppositions and Eritrean one. He did not demand an apology from these groups for for fighting him. He just said, how it was, and who he had to fight to get where he is now. In fact, I see the writter holding grudge and demanding never to be mentioned in a darker light by anyone. Ato Abay’s comment seems to be a passing one to explain the stages of the struggle and who were the actors of that struggle of the opposite sides. Stories like that don’t belong only in a library and museums as the writter suggests, but also in occasions to commemorate the struggle. I am not for glossing over certain important truth, if the speaker deems them appropriate to tell them. We also need to remember that Abay Weldu is not part of the new breed of leaders of TPLF/EPRDF. He was part of that struggle. He may have lost close friends, comrades or relatives, during the fight with these groups. He himself may have been shot at. He himself personally may have been victimized. Therefore, as human emotions dictate it, he should at least be allowed to vent in what ever venue and whatever manner he chooses. He doesn’t have to bite his tangue forever for being politically correct to be falsely polite, while there is something he feels important to be told. That is what I think….

Source: http://awate.com/ethiopia-the-seven-sleepers-of-ephesus-are-eight/

I flet that what Eyob supported is a flaw and for that I responded to show my disagreement on the said above. Here it follows.

Dear Eyob Medhane,

Let me bring the said and quoted to us here by AT.

During the 17 years of popular struggle, since the sea of reactionaries was wide, there was no one who didn’t attempt to annihilate this [TPLF] democratic organization… [Derg, EPLF, EDU and a host of others are mentioned] Jebha, supported all reactionaries to annihilate us, but in the end, it fell in [the fire], was charred, and disappeared.”

The quoted above in general and in particular “… Jebha, supported all reactionaries to annihilate us, but in the end, it fell in [the fire], was charred, and disappeared.”This is the core issue of the subject matter.

Well, first of all, there are first hand eye-witness here (we are blessed for having them). They can give us what happened exactly during that period. They did so before, they are doing it now and they will do it till the end.

First of all, you said, “We also need to remember that Abay Weldu is not part of the new breed of leaders of TPLF/EPRDF. He was part of that struggle. He may have lost close friends, comrades or relatives, during the fight with these groups. He himself may have been shot at.”

Dear Eyob, we should also equally know that some of the AT members, prominant writers and commenters (Amanuel H., Kokhob S., Semere A., and many) are the first victims of TPLF collaboration with EPLF indeafeating ELF (Jebha) militarily. To repeat, “MILITARILY” not “politically”, economically or socially. No Eritrean was happy with what happened to ELF and hence the grievance is still alive. And a supposed respected by virtue touches that wound, the pain becomes more.

To come back to the quote, let me bisect it so that we can have an insight.

  1. The sea of reactionaries was wide.

He (Abay Woldu) should remember that ELF was in Eritrea and defeated militarily when it was in her homeland. We cannot blindly say that why TPLF was in Eritrea at that time as we know the history but there is a valid and acceptable reason ELF to react TPLF though strategically it might not be correct. To mention EPLF as a reactionary within the TPLF history book is also another historical flaw. There were disagreements among EPLF and TPLF but that cannot be labeled as reactionary in its nature. Therefore, Abay Woldu denied the historical facts from two dimensions and this exposes his sleepiness.

  1. Jebha, supported all reactionaries to annihilate us

I elaborated the reactionary term in my first point. But let it assume it in that way as what is in his words. If EPLF was among the reactionaries, did ELF helped? As for me, I don’t think so. Let SGJ and Amanuel Hidrat interject here. I need to learn more about this. The conflict that happened with ELF and TPLF was mainly a territorial issue. That single phenomenon has led both fronts into a bitter relationships. And as we all know, the 1998-2000 was a continuation of that disagreement though the player is different. Had the incidence of ELF and TPLF was solved wisely, we could not have such terrible war of after independence. ELF was much more mature politically than EPLF at that time and he knew what it will happen if they ignore that issue.

  1. but in the end, it fell in [the fire]

Where is the end? ELF never stopped its struggle and still they are continuing. Can one declare victory temporarily because one has stopped doing it? ELF by 1982 was a front with more than 15,000 well equiped freedom fighters. Some of them joined EPLF (Sagem), some of them continued their struggle armed but in different form, some returned back to their civilian life and very dedicated leaders and members continued their peaceful political struggle. We have still political organizations and parties, prominent individuals within the struggle against the tyranny. Abay Woldu know them very well as there are some who are stationed in Tigray and above all the ENCDC with its head office in Ethiopia.

If we see the Derge issue, Dergue regime was defeated in all areas and especially “POLITICALLY and ECONOMICALLY”. It was only then after it became easy to remove from power. I might be naive but I am quite confident that no one, NO ONE, within the opposition is fighting again to Re-install the Derge system in Ethiopia. Rather, there could be some who romantize Emperor Hailes Silassie Era and want to maintain that legitimacy.

In the case of ELF, it is different. No single Eritrean was happy with what happened with ELF except couples of EPLF leaders. Even top ideologues of of PFDJ today are members of ELF till its disintegration, like Zemheret Yohaness and Ahferom Tewelde. Majority of freedom fighters still regret for what happened between ELF and EPLF.

The good thing is, all happened inside Eritrea. How can then a man supposed to be honored by virtue tell us that Jebha went to fell in [fire]. Does it make hil proud also if one segment of Eritrean freedom fighters went to fire? Today, Ethiopia knows more than almost anybody the significance of political solutions. It is because of this wisdom that TPLF formed a united EPRDF front and now opened the country for democratization process. There is no way to return Ethiopia in the hands of TPLF and there is no wish from TPLF to do so. Political solutions are the only means at the end. Military defeat is always temporary in nature. people can raise even after 2000 or more years to bring the question they had by their ancestors. You know better than me Eyob in this regard and hence no need to be a cadre over you though it is not a mistake if I remind you.

  1. [Jebha] was charred

According to Cambridge advanced learner’s dictionary, charred is defined as: burnt and black. Andworldreferenece.com has defined charred as “blackened by fire”.

let it be in that way according to him for a moment. If that is so, is it then a “GENOCIDE” for what it happened to 15,000 armed freedom fighters of ELF? I have followed an excellent discussion between Amde and Saleh Johar and brother destaa interject to define what GENOCIDE is. destaa put,

“The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court definition of Genocide. Article 6 of the Rome Statute provides that ‘genocide’ means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such (a) Killing members of the group; (b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; (c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; (e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group”

If that is so, then, Eritreans will need to open a file for what it happened to her freedom fighters. They were charred, burned to fire by TPLF and still lost soul individuals like Abay Woldu are among the criminals who did that happen and are still walking among us freely. Worse, they are still proud of it.

Dear, Eyob, what Abay Woldu said is not to remember history but to tell us that he is proud of been among the genociders. I am quite sure this is completely none of Tigray peoples business and if they say so, it is only a mistake. It is him and those who share the same thinking.

Last but not list,

  1. [Jebha]… and disappeared.

Here is see a confusion of Abay Woldu. Let’s define what it mean “disappeared”

When used without object and hence in Abay Woldu’s words

  1. to cease to be seen; vanish from sight.
  2. to cease to exist or be known; pass away; end gradually:
  3. (of a person) to vanish under suspicious circumstances:

Reference: http://dictionary.reference.co…

Well, if ELF was charred, Abay Woldu has seen were these freedom fighters went. They are burnt to hell, simple. He saw the anguish, the cry, the flame and he personally felt the energy radiated from the heat generated. They [ELF] deserved that (according to him as they are reactionaries and who cooperated also other reactionaries). Then why he is looking an innocent about where they are about? 15,000 men and women just vanished because of TPLF criminals [according to Abay Woldu’s testimony].

Well, AT are too generous. Very generous! And Eyod Medhane, a man respectd by all Awatistas and a source of wisdom to many, is coming to tell us to be humble with Abay Woldu, one of among TPLF leaders, a man at the top to make decisions, and a man who is not even shy after 33 years of the GENOCIDE [according to his own words] and is still who is walking freely, without any case opened on him.

Dear Eyob Medhane, we know our history. We cannot wait one to tell us to be shy simply because one is telling his old day acts. I am disappointed at you. Many may respect you as a source of knowledge but I disrespect you, “DISREPECT”, to repeat “DISRESPECT” you for not KNOWING your knowledge. You did before similar mistakes here at awate.com and now you are coming to tell us to ignore our history. How disrespectful person you are? Can’t you be shy on your knowledge?

I will not be give-up on you though as I believe you will process your knowledge sooner or later. Just have a look on the difference between “KNOWLEDGE” and “KNOWING”.

I would also like T.Kifle to share this as a message to him. T.Kifle also acknowledged that what Abay Woldu said is RIGHT but not Necessary. A message to you T.Kifle, if he is right and if it shared by you too though not a right time to say it, you both are responsible for what happened to ELF members GENOCIDE.



Rennes, France

A Letter Written on the Occassion of TPLF’s 40 Years Anniversary

(Originally written at the comment section of http://awate.com/tplf-anniversary-celebrations-looks-ahead-to-regional-integration/ by me

I congratulate for TPLF in doing a commendable job by changing himself from a marxist-leninist freedom fighter to the one who accepts political diversity and still keep his prmosie to his own people. TPLF was courageous enough to drop his original manifesto of Abay Tigray and took a universal approach to fight for social grievances. Tigray people were oppressed people and their social grievances forced them to fight so that the source of their grievances can not stopped. They did this by toppling the brutal Derge regime. They cooperated with all possibel allies to make their dreams happen. Once the brutal regime was removed, they look deeply into the prevailing problems of their own people while working with other people too.

There is one fact in this regard, the role of EPLF can not be forgotten. Without this historical link, TPLF’s history is INCOMPLETE. I wish former EPLF members were invited there and proudly express their historical contribution at this special day. PFDJ is not EPLF and hence can not represent EPLF. But officials within PFDJ are still alive who did a great role for TPLF’s dream to come true.

Today, PFDJ is against everything, against history and against peace. If TPLF’s original manifesto was kept as it is, may be what we see today in Tigray could not have happened. They were wise to change their program of making an independent state country called Tigray. Now, it is a state within bigger Ethiopia, state that has its own way of doing things. And the social grievances that happened before has very least chance to re-occur.

Yet, there are thousands of miles to go so that a regional peace can be established, first in Ethiopia, as there still social grievances in other states, like the Oromo, debub Hizboch, Afar, etc, taking a brave politcal decision will enhance by many folds the progress we see both at state (kilil) and national level. The government at Addis Ababa should continue to be brave in accomodating extermists and discuss to end the remaining social grievances. If not, no state can sleep well when there is someone who is still screaming from anguish.

Second point: Addis Ababa government which is still under huge influence of TPLF should be brave enough to end the border dispute with Eritrea. Regional integration within the horn of Africa can only be achieved by respecting each other not by keeping a hostage of each other. the border issue should be and must be finalized once and for ever. Then, Eritrea will also join the on-going regional integration for ever.

Unfortunately, PFDJ system will not allow for economic integration. But, I am quite sure in one thing. If the government of Ethiopia and the government of Eritrea, no matter who is in power agreed to settle the border issue and this is of course the Ethiopian government who rejects the implementation of the agreement, then, the political evolution within each country can take its own course.

Whether the border issue is resolved or not, Eritrea will not live in PEACE with every one, be it with its own people or neighbouring, under the PFDJ system. But, the PFDJ system matters above all for Eritreans. Eritreans can choose to stay in slavery under the brutal system if they choose so or completely dismantle it and install a new system that gives them peace within themselves and their neighbouring countries. Within this context then, the Government of Addis Ababa should pull out the PFDJ issue while dealing with the BORDER ISSUE. PFDJ will decay sooner or later but the border will not. Today, we might feel that the border issue can be resolved once PFDJ is removed. But the truth is not.

We, Eritreans, above everything fought war to make our country free of foreign occupation and TPLF did a big role in this regard. I thank you on this historical day. Neverthless, we removed one dictator and another home grown dictator was nurtured. This is our own problem. Our problems can be olved by ourselves. We allowed a dictator to grow up and we are responsible for this and to remove it, it rellies on our shoulder. If you help us, like what we did to each other during the armed struggle, it is good and welcomed. But, still another pressing issue still remains.

On this occasion then, I will remind the Ethiopian government and historically, TPLF, to END the border dispute once for ever. This is the demand of Eritrean people. We didn’t chose to go to war with Ethiopia, PFDJ pushed us. We went and we fought to keep our sovereignity alive, there us no sin within this. People did before and they will do now. The war for Eritreans was just like as if two individuals (like the Greek history) or kings went to war because of their son and daughter’s love affair. The king (PFDJ – without official declaration and no parliament involved in the decision making process) called us, the same to Ethiopia (though much wiser to decide it at parliamental level through official declarations – the EPRDF lead government – it is a wisdom actually) and we went. This is what kings do when they have absolute power and in the case of Eritrea, it becomes more noticeable, this is what I see in our side, I have little idea on how Ethiopians see the declaration done by the government in Addis-Ababa. In this regard, the government of Ethiopia did everything through official declarations, even for the deportation of innocent Eritreans from Ethiopia. PFDJ government, which I prefer to call it, as the Eritrean government is 100% controlled and manipulated by PFDJ, didn’t make official declarations. He had all the right to declare in reaction. This is a normal norm of governments. Governments has all rights that they assume to protect their country. PFDJ is not a government and hence can not make declarations. What he will pretend is, as a front, he has a right to defend the country, not as a government to protect the country. Politically, defense and protection are different things.

I believe that there exists Eritrean government because Eritrea is a sovereign country. We have all the government structures and above all the people. What I reject is the system installed by PFDJ to run the government. Eritreans did not chose that system but all they believe is they have a government. be it weak, corrupted, communist, athiest bla bla does not matter. And the people believe that Eritrea is a sovereign country with definite border lines. And if there is any foreigner who lives in the country illegally, they have a right to bring him to the international rule of law. In this regard then, Ethiopian government should leave without any pre-condtion from the area that he is living illegally. If he choses, let him get a legal document, a VISA (seriously). The Ethiopian government can not send his people or his army to USA because he wanted so. Or, he can not bargain politically to change a system that he is confortable with.

Yes, I do agree that PFDJ is not for PEACE and development. If it does, let it be. Ethiopians are capable to guard their peace while they are in their own land. Living inside a foreign country can not give one PEACE. And PFDJ is anti-development (indeed he is), let him collapse. It is a very simple economic principle. Ethiopia has lots of gates to make business with. They have verified this throught their own experiences. Home grown and internally focused policies are always the means for PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT. PFDJ policy is above everything an enemy to Eritreans, to his own people. The Ethiopian government has see this and Eritreans are experiencing it.

To conclude, Ethiopian government should believe that there is an Eritrean government no matter what system he has. Then, respect the Eritrean sovereignity. Ethiopian government under the leadership of EPRDF in which TPLF is part didn’t make any hesitation to accept Eritrean sovereignity and to respect what you accept makes you only STRONGER and more wiser. Because, Eritrea and Ethiopia as countries, Eritreans and Ethiopians as people is the scale finally. This is our measurement scale. Systems die, evolve or remain unchanged. TPLF evolved into where it is today, from 11 young freedom fighters inspired by marxist-leninist ideology to EPRDF then to government and a capitalist and some how democratic power. On the other hand, EPLF, initially of the same history, evolved into a national government and was able to form a transition government, a very commendable historical acchivement, just like that of EPRF upto 1994. Then, he handed power to PFDJ and we are where we are now, we see TPLF evolved while PFDJ decayed. It is historical discourse.

And, I call your friendship to help Eritrean people who are in desperate need of help. We have hundred thousands of refugees who need care. We call for unconditional helping hand by all means possible. Eritreans at this time are faced with very complex probles, social grievances, political grievances, ecocomical grievances, just to mention some. For this the minimim demand is basic human rights respect. Else, it will be solved by the Eritreans themselves. Eritreans problems should not be used as a tool to advance the political dispute with PFDJ. Marxists do that because that is how they solve problems. Ethiopia can not be a substitute of our country. We are refugees there, just like the Jews in Egypt and later all over the world. They were not happy till they get a country they call home. Equally, we Eritreans may live in comfort in your country but we know that it is not our home. We can build houses, accumulate wealth and get integrated. But, but, we can not considered as HOME. Home is sweet and hence Eritrea is SWEET. We are only safe when we live in a country that we are attached emotionally, culturally, historically and with the soil that we came from. Therefore, we are refugees in Ethiopia and treat us most. We are so delicate and easy to cry. We are so sensitive and always orphaned. (This is my personal two years experience – I am living in France relatively safe and confort, as a student) but I am missing my HOME, the simple hut, covered by grass, with no bath room, toilet, salon bla bla – but that room is the most beautiful house that I ever slept peacefully and so is Eritrea.)


Congratulations again TPLF for making your dreams come true and I wish you good luck with the rest remaining journey. Long live TPLF.




A petition for protecting Teff

I feel some responsibility to put the following post for public awareness and thereby as Eritreans and Ethiopian readers here to voice for protecting our local and tradition products.


Those who might be busy and not able to finish the who readings, please sign your petition here

Therefore, I call all concerned Eritreans to sign for this petition and in the comment section to put Eritrea also has a right to claim a right for this product.

This is the petition form

Before going into the subject, just some questions

Have you ever heard egyptians fishing from the Red Sea Eritrea and sell the fish in their local market as it is coming from nearby Red Sea Egypt?

Have you ever heard fishermen from Yemen trying to reach Eritrean territory and harvet fish illegally?

Have you ever heard camels from Eritrean being sold in the middle east markets?

Have you ever heard a local or traditional product coming from Eritrea or Ethiopia with a protected sign, just like an intellectual property?

I am quite sure everybody is aware on the 09 (PFDJ trading company) activity of the 1990s on COFFEE business. They buy from Ethiopian market and pack it as it is a product of Eritrea and export to the world market. http://ec.europa.eu/agriculture/events/2011/gi-africa-2011/sentayhu_en.pdf

I am quite also sure on your awareness regarding what PFDJ agricultural processing industries are trying to do. For example, potato processing industry which is established in Alebu is getting its raw product from local area, process it and then directly export to Italian market in gross quanity. The Italian company then divide into small packaging and sell as if it is of local product originated from Italy or a product processed by Italian company. Eritrea is almost benefitting nothing from this unacceptable procedure.

Have a read please on what it mean to protect local and traditional products. Those from USA, the subject might be strange but it is an on-going trade dispute between US and EU and a major block from reaching the international Trade Agreements.

Just a general introduction: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geographical_indications_and_traditional_specialities_in_the_European_Union

This kind of trade cheating is now ending by having a right to origin and tradition.


Today, my objective is to call you to join the petition group and sign against a Dutch company which is trying to use illegally Teff in the world market. Here it follows

A call for petition and for public awareness

At this time, Eritrea might not be able to introduce a protecting strategy to its local and tradition food products. But soon a policy need to be  introduced for protecting Geographical Indication products so that the  owners of the product should be the sole property owners and  beneficiers. In Europe and now at world level, protecting local and  traditional product is of major concern in the world trade agreerments. I am studying my masters degree in this  regard and I hope one day Eritrea to introduce such protocols and reach  the world market through its geographical indicated products. Eritrea  has a very promising potential in different varieties of food products  which can be protected and marketed within thin norm such as fish  product, meat products, crop products and different fruits and  vegetables

Within this  context, Ethiopia has started to protect its product under PGI sich as coffee and now are heading to protect other crop products like teff.  Though Ethiopia is a world known producer and consumer of teff, Eritrea  also produces and consumes teff in different forms.

Before, the  origin of food product was not a big issue though in Europe it has a  long history wihich dates back to 1890s (Paris agreement). Today, almost all local and traditional products originated from Europe are protected under PGI or AOP/PDO. And protecting the product benefits and protects  the owner and thereby plays a great role in impactining positively local economy.

Teff was not from Europe but today they are either  able to produce or import. Once imported or produced they process and  add value and thereby generate huge profits. And during this process,  the original owners benefit almost nothing and are ignored. This was  what was happening in the world market before and it will continue to  happen unless the owners of such local and traditional products claim  for their rights and develop a means to protect under the international  norms.

It is within this context that Ethiopia is suing a case  against Dutch company to protect her right on teff. This case should not be left to Ethiopia alone. Because it is not only Ethiopia that owns  this product, at least Eritrea also shares some cultural similarities on the cultivation, production, processing and consumption of Teff.  Joining the petition therefore helps us to give our voice and to tell  the world that Eritreans will also have a right to protect products that they claim it belongs them.

For more information about PGI and PDO or TSG products, you can have a read on http://en.wikipedia.org/…/Geographical_indications_and_trad…

Or you can also contact me if you need more information as I am particularly studying this subject for my masters degree

Therefore, I call all concerned Eritreans to sign for this petition and in the comment section to put Eritrea also has a right to claim a right for this product.

This is the petition form


A lesson that we should not let it pass

Our political organization groups are easily shakable. History shake them, human rights activity shake them and individuals who have big mouth can shake them.

We need to build our political organization in such away that they can absorb any shake. If human rights activity reach them, let the door be open and be audited. But let not their visit shake the organization. We should have a capacity to absorb big earthquake if not what we design will fail again and again.

For example, the Kunama opposition leader generated a big earthquake after denying Hamid Idris Awate as our icon in the armed struggle. The whole meeting attaendants diverted their attention and stood to correct him. Just a waste of time. history has it all. History is merciless and anyone who denies history denies himself and also history denies him.

Now, the case of IT and coming of Elsa Chrum has shaked ESMYS and everybody has been affected. Many from EYSC came in and tried to manupilate the case by their crocodile tears. Many from ESMYS vomited their hatred towards the accusers.This is a waste of time and energy and it is simply a shame to see our political organizations being easily shaked.

Lets design a much stronger political movements that has a capacity to overcome any stress or earthquake imposed on them. I am talking about all and especially our YOUTH opposition camps, both EYSC and EMYNS, and if there are others, let them be strong.


Wasting a valuable energy and time watching the other to fail is nothing but a weakness. Lets build all rounded with what ever political line of thinking organizations to defeat PFDJ politically, militarily, socially and economically.

I am very hopeful that the case of IT has tested our status and it is not that much difficult to guage where we are.


A petition for all concerned Youths


I am calling some emotionally drived individuals who are threating openly individuals like Elsa Chrum. I am following the on-going word exchange and outraged hatred based accusations.

My call is, if ESMNS is fighting for justice, and it stands against the PFDJ system, there is no rational reason to follow injustice and PFDJ way of threatening people. If Elsa Chrum did something wrong, let you open a file and charge her. She is living in the world where there is justice and any concerned group or individual can suit a case.

Concerning Esayas, I hope he will not be endangered like our previous freedom figheters, the Menkae, who vanished unnoticed by EPLF. Let’s remember that history can repeat.

To conclude, my call is for wisdom, justice and free from emotions. This will not help the journey to end the tyranny in Asmara. Equally, I call the leadership of ESMNS to intervene genuinely and rest the case for the common good. If this case is handled wrongly, the YOUTH opposition group will be nothing but a carbon copy of PFDJ and a possible future dictator.

tes, one of your good wishers

Was it possible for Eritrea to be free in the 1970s?

Curiousity based question at awate.com by Fnote Selam

Eritrean revolution had almost succeeded in 1975-6-7 (not sure of exact year) before the Russian intervention, so I was just contemplating, if EPLF or ELF didn’t get any support from TPLF before that time, does that invalidate the hypothesis that Eritreans could not have achieved their independence without support from rebel groups in Ethiopia?


Amanuel Hidrat

Yes indeed we lost our independence which was almost in our grasp in 1977. The Ethiopian army was encircled by the two fronts specifically in the four towns/city (Asmara, Massaw, Asseb, and Barentu). I could say 99% of Eritrean land was liberated. The leadership of both organizations couldn’t cooperate to defend jointly the liberated areas from the last attempt of Ethiopian push from the southern border. They were sabotaging to each other as they were looking who will have the upper hand in the liberated Eritrea. If both organizations have had good cooperation like that of the TPLF/EPLF in the last push in 1977 (a) we could have avoided the sacrifices we have paid in the following 13 years (b) Probably we could have solved our internal politics that prevalent in these days. I am absolutely sure we could have gotten our independence without the interference of foreign forces such TPLF, way before 1991 and specifically in 1977. We just lost from our hand in 1977 because of the stupidity of our leaderships.

Dear FS,

Brother Amanuel H., has given you a response and I am here to concur and above all he was there personally and he knows primarily on what went wrong at that time. Mahmud looks relatively young in the politics of 1970s compared to SGJ and Amanuel Hidrat. We are  lucky to have them among us all anyway.

Neverthless, I want to  underline that independence is a multi-dimentional phenomenon, military, economy, political as well as socially. Militarily and socially,  Eritrea could be freed without allying with foreign forces.

Lets break-them


Internal politics: We could have been at a much safer position regarding grievances and stakeholders participation than today

External politics: Recognition of Eritrea as a sovereign country could have  demanded much energy and time as compared with that of 1993. Many  nations and especially the western world could have left the Eritrean issue as an open-ended  scenario. Recognition of free and sovereign country called Eritrea  probabily could have changed its course.Eritrea today could have remained as autonomous, semi or  economically federated Eritrea. And we all know that this was against  the main objective of the Eritrean freedom struggle.

Socially:  Social grievances could have stopped and justice could be much  prevalent. People could have freedom of thought and open minddness. The social chaos registered within this 23 years could not have emerged.

Economically: Of course as a country we could have prospered as the possibility of  using free market economy was much prevalent because of the existence of two powers in Eritrean decision making process. But the issue of sea  ports could have created another conflict of interest. Ethiopia could  have continued to hammer the supposedly by then independent Eritrea and  possible war was on table as compared today. The badme issue could not  be a subject but the sea port acess.

Presence of TPLF has  almost removed such short coming of the walk towards independent Eritrea. TPLF was a tool designed and manufactured in Eritrea but its  initial conception was mistreated.

In short, increasing  involvement of TPLF politics hightened after the strategic withdrawal of 1978 and reached its peak in the early years of 1980s. EPLF used  TPLF in his game theory on of his political hegemony. On the contrary, ELF exhausted  valuable energy which finally let them disintegrate from the military  game and international politics though they continued to exert pressure on internal issues which has survived and became magnificient after 1991.

EPLF played a double minded game theory in nurturing TPLF and later paid a huge  political revenue. EPLF was strong enough to produce a parasitic guerrilla foreign fighters. Had TPLF was militarily and economically independent, EPLF could not have the manufacturing center and 1991 independence could have taken a different course.

To conclude, TPLF presence has only consolidated the international dimension of Eritrean politics and in  diverting the issue of access to the sea paradox. Else, militarily,  economically and socially, Eritrea could have been freed in the 1970s.

Tesfabirhan REDIE



Discussion: PFDJ dismantlement PROJECT

This conversation was held between an awate Forum member and me after another Awate Forum member provoked me to say something on his comment by including my name. Reading my comment, Fnote Selam came in and continued to ask me questions on my definition of PFDJ system and what I mean exactly when I say that.

First Nitricc said,

“Mahmuday; a nail to the coffin is the expressive word. SAAY asked every person on this forum, especially Aman-H to make his case and to show how fendamnetal change can be achived and no one gave answer to SAAY’s inquiry. No one has idea besides rigid stand of fundamental change. no one ever came up; okay we will do this and this. then after every one failed to show the way; SAAY came out swinging with his plan for change. all they did was reject SAAY’s plan for a change with out giving him any explanation. he was even labeled as chauvinistic.
Now, with this article; strong evidence oriented argument, let’s wait what name Tes will come up. in any way from pure argument and debate stand point; it is crystal clear which way Eritrea must go.”

Then, my immediate response was,


I have nullified the whole article. No need to debate with an already dead article. Saay’s chauvinistic character is a crystal clear now. He is exposed naked by himself. I recommend him to come with a reconcilatory approach now.

We are enough with emboldenment. AT did great thing to inform us, inspire us and embolden us to say spade is a spade. Now, it is time to reconcile. No more tension and proposals. We have more than enough proposals on the table. It is time to discuss, organize and fight together for PFDJ.

It is time for reconcilation among the opposition camp. It is time to build hope and it is time to marsh together.”

And I added,

One more,

DIA came with his “Nihnan Elaman” and every innocent Eritrean followed him without questioning what it mean after. And now, you are expecting us to accept saay7 or Amanuel Hidrat proposal? We are not that much naïve. We read history and we learn from it. I like SGJ appraoch, he informs. Individuals have full freedom and unlimited boundry to inform the people, what ever it is good they think.

But, Saay7 and Amanuel Hidrat are coming with a proposal. Ok, as an idea it is fine but we will not be fooled twice now. Eritrean people should sit together and come with his own and common strategy. Saay7, Amanuel Hidrat, SGJ, Mahmuday, Semere, Hope, Kokhob, Peace, me, etc can only inform. As part of the people, we are obliged to sit and discuss with our people. We are not donors.

Remember what you fatal statement about bread and freedom is. No one should give freedom but must own it.

Look! Hayat came with her proposal and the people rejected her. YG came with his opportunitic proposal, people rejected him. Amanuel H., came with his proposal and not all are convinced. Saay is coming with his one and only one proposal, reforming and people are saying no. There are many others also who came with their proposal and rejected, just like Wedi-Vacaro, Amanuel Assenna etc.

If we ask deeply why this all rejection to individual proposals is that Eritreans are well experienced from DIA. They don’t want now to be deceived again.

We as individuals can inform people just like that of SGJ. Let’s inform people and help them to know the TRUTH. The truth is within us but someone in somewhere may not know it on time. This is the job of writers and analysts. coming with proposals and especially like that of saay7 despising his own people’s capability is a flaw.”

After this, a man named Kokhob Selam joined in and wrote: “perfect, don’t care who said it but why he said it. NO MORE CHEATING everything should be clear.”

As a respected awate forumer, I didn’t omit this single sentence and I went to elaborate my say on Nitricc. For this, I responded to Kokhob Selam,

Dear Kokhob,

For me, to inform is the duty of every citizen. To inspire, we need people to inspire us, models, like you, like saay7, like SG, like Amanuel, like Hayat, like Dr Sara, like Mahmuday. We need exceptional people to embolden us, very brave people, just like that of our Martyrs.

FInally, it is the entire people’s duty to reconcile within himself for the better future. We have enough role models as informers, inspirators and emboldeners. Many initiatives were done for reconcilation and luckily many organizations, political parties and inndividual parties are ready for it. But so far, it has not been complete because of scapegoat reasoning (kemish adey ankifuny) and we are where we are now today.

Let’s revise our informing strategy, let’s invent a new way to inspire people, let’s always and always remember our history to be emboldened and then the reconcilation process will be not that much difficult.

Among us, we have opportunists, reformists, dismantlers, humanists, business people. Opportunists will always hatch as far as we are weak. Business people will always be there, no matter how we are weak or strong. We can kick the opportunists by being strong and united and the business people are safe to be handled when we are strong. But, if we are weak and divided, the reformists will not have room to reform, dismantlers will be exploited by opportunists and business people and humanists will simply cry and unheard.

Therefore, through reconcilation, we will be strong. But, reconcilation with whom should be clarified. Reconcilation is among the groups that claim that they have best way/strategy and worked hard to dominate the other. Before, it was among ELF and EPLF, we remember the intervention of our people in years of 1970s. Now, we can not reconcile with PFDJ. PFDJ is a barbaric regime that does not believes on human existence.

But, the opposition groups should be courageous enough and sit together. Not for receiving command but to discuss and debate boldy for the common good.

I am really ON as my meditation is getting exited. Let me stop here.



It is then after this Fnote Selam came in and got into discussion. Good read

Discussion I

Dear Tes,

I would like to ask you one Q. focusing on your 5th paragraph, you said no reconciliation with PFDJ. Can you be more specific as to who and who you are no willing to reconcile? Everyone that has PFDJ card? IA and his closest entourage? All or some ministers? All generals, colones and alike? PFDJ cadres? The party’s central committee? Tegadelti?…

Thank you,

Dear FS,

(I will responded your question broadly according to my understanding. This is my personal understanding of the reconcilation according to the Eritrean context. If you don’t have enough time to read, just the first paragraph is enough for your specific question, the rest s just explanation using examples. Good read)

Very good question. First of all PFDJ for me is the system. It is not the PFDJ card holder. If he drops his system, totally abandons it and joins the Justice camp, well, that is what we are all fighting for. If the PFDJ card holder has a crime, well, everything is documented and justice will look unto him. No one has superiority on the other. Therefore, make sure that I am not talking about individuals (Who knows I also had committed a crime one day). People should have a chance to open their case. Equally, I believe that Eritreans are peace loving people and for peace sake, they may apologize each other and move on for peace and development together.

The reconcilation that I referred is with the political orginazations with different polarizing programs and are not able to sit together and lack understanding to move on. Through reconcilation, they can narrow their differences and still keeping their core principles. Through reconcilation process, they can sit together and discuss their differences. Through reconcilation, they can have a chance to know who is who very well.

Dear Fnote Selam, I have tried to study the overall programs of the existing political organizations and I can almost say except in their very few political terminologies, all have common visions, missions. They differ hugely in their strategies and in some exteremely few in their objectives.

Some of the exceptional difference is the question of some extermely vulnerable societies like Afar and Kunama. These communities demand upto self-determination. Ok, no problem, oppressed people did that, are doing and will do. As far as there is oppression, people can raise that issue and pursue their agenda. Historically, in the Eritrean case, it is impossible. Because Eritrean problem is not Afar problem, is not Kunama problem, is not Bilen problem is not highland settlers problem, lowlands problem or Islamic or christian problem. It is a pure dictatorial problem. But because of vulneraibiltiy, some sectors of our society might be exteremely vitimized. For example, the Afar people, the Jihova witness community, the Pentecostal church case, some Islamic religion follower’s case etc.

Yet, we can sit together and discuss. EPDP for example did a reservation on Bayto and refused to sit unless the requiremenets he particularily asked is not fulfilled. Gosh, this is not an academic argument. It is a national issue, let even it takes 100 years, still we need to believe that we have to go on the reconcilation process. We need to sit and discuss. The things that differentiate us most, we can let them pending. For example, the self-determination issue. We can develop trust, we can increase the economic integrity, we can make the bond very strong and finally the issue can be re-assessed.

Dear Fnote Selam, even President issaias for some is God, perfect and innocent and yet they are with the justice camp because they believe that there is no law in Eritrea. They never question their God but bring side issues to make their case to be heard. It is fine. We can not ask someone to abandon his/her God. But he believs that he needs justice, let him come. Some folks for example wants to put D-ictator as a prefix infront of IA-Issaias Afewerki and others prefer P-resident, the Lion of Nakfa, Nisu Nihna bla bla. This is not the case. Personally, me, I like to put D as a prefix. But I can not pursuide someone to put the same like me or convert the Lion of Nakfa adjective into Wekariya (fox) Nakfa, or Demon Issaias. Each person has his own choice and has a reason to say. Yet, all can not refuse to negotiate for the common good because we are all Eritreans fighting for a FREEDOM.

Well, there are some extreme cases, for example, the way we write our history (the refusal of Idriss Awate as Eritrean hero – for example), the Neo-Andenet issue, etc. Yet, I don’t see any reason why people are refusing to sit together and reconcime themselves. If it is of neo-Andenet issue; we can sit with them and tell them we are the people who fought 30 years bloody war to be ourselves, no need to revise history again. We can tell them that we are strong, proud people for what we did and no regret about it. We can sit with them and show them who we are. for the case of historical facts, history is not merciful, we can not like it or dislike it. We can not labeled it as equivalent to the holy scripture when we like it or equate it with the bandits history when we dislike it. The truth is always alive and we can get it. Neverthless, all these issues are what we all as Eritreans are looking to make reconcilations. In the reconcilation process, there are objectives realities and subjective realities.

To conclude, reconcilation is not about individuals. Individual case is individual. Always one is responsible for what he did as Wedi-Vacaro used to say. Reconcilation is a national issue and it concerns everybody. I believe that NO SINGLE party has so far been established on REVENGE based political mission. They are all for JUSTICE and this is what I am talking about. PFDJ in its overall make-up is not for justice and hence even if we like to do so there is no room to make it happen unless we all want to go to PFDJ’s hell. How can I ask the demon to allow me to enter his hell and sit with him and discuss for the common good when there is no good at all, not at all, rien in french.

Therefore, PFDJ card holders, well, first lets throw their card, leave their ideology (divide and rule) and start to look for justice. I don’t understand why you picked the word tegadelti. dear Fnote Selam, Eritrea without tegadelti is incomplete. They are not alien or different classes. PFDJ has introduced the classification system, which is equivalent to the Hindu system and this is what it is upto now today. In my dictionary, there is no special group called tegadalay, warsay, yikealo gebar bla bla. We are all equally responsible citizens and we deserve equal treatments. If there were tegadelti yesterday, there are agelglot today. And they all work for the nation.



Discussion II

Dear Tes,Thanks for taking your time to explain, I have now much better understanding of your vision. If you are willing, I would like us to continue our discussion. Please don’t take me as if I am out there to trip you, but rather kind of Enkan Haban discourse in order to iron out any rough ideas and understating that we may have.

I would like to nudge a bit more on the PFDJ thing. I commend you for not attaching the name PFDJ to any particular group. However, you definition of PFDJ as a “system” needs more elaboration. Are you talking about PFDJ charter as whole or there are some aspects of it that you find absolutely unacceptable? If so, could you give us some examples. lets start with this and the we will take from there.

BTW, the reason I mentioned Tegadelti is because I think they, as a group, have played significant part (mostly by being passive) in giving IA and co a foot hold to what they are now. I will explain in more detail some other time, lets for now discuss the PFDJ thing.

I have to say though, you assertion that the opp groups need to find a common ground (which is plenty) is spot on. Can’t agree more.

Best wishes,


Dear FS,

PFDJ charter is first a product and one of the tools of PFDJ system. When I talk about a system, I am talking about the software that runs PFDJ as an institution. I never accuse PFDJ as attached to any particular group or sector of our population and thank you for understanding that.

For me, PFDJ is a by-product of a hybrid ideology, an exact copy of North Korean Juche ideology and is derived from Marxist-Leninist-Maoist philosophy. It is a barbaric form of socialism. Having re-produced this ideology, it has outlined its charter 1994 and clearly identified its social, political and economic policies. Always the ideology remains at the top and any person assigned to the office of the PFDJ learns the ideology and becomes the tool for running the system.

Dear FS, as I have read many of your comments, you are wise enough to know what a system is. I am quite sure that you want my own definition. To be frank, I don’t have my own definition of system as it is already well defined subject in the world literature. But, to make it easy for Nitricc, I will share this video as I know Nitricc is following our discussion and I want him to follow the flow.

The ideology creates the system and the system is composed of different components.

Some of the basic system compnents

Remark: This is my own way of defining the system components and I would like you to come with your own system component description.

1. Absence of law: Law should not be present and hence rule of the jungle is utilized. That means anyone within the system has autonomous and unlimited power to perform its task.

2. Social make-up: They hate diversity and especially mental diversity. hence, the system runs to narrow social make-up, hade libi hade hizbi slogan is aimed for that. To narrow diversity, they use very selective and limited media outlets. And hence, one TV channel, one news paper and one online service (Eri-TV, haddas Ertraand shabait.com). And all speak the same thing. No diversity. And remember, information dissimination is important for the building of social make-up.

3. Economy: Everyone should have the same supply chain no matter what the demand is. The financial sources and lines should be controlled and directed.

4. Politics: no need for multiple parties and what for.

5. Power: very concentrated and tightly controlled, usually centered.

6. Security: highly needed and terror is the means to keep it secure.

8. Education: No need for thinkers and hence only technical minded people are needed. No need for big universities. College graduates are well enough to run the economic sector.

9. stability: force is the means

10. Human resource and especially cadres: YES sayers and that can perform a task without analysing the final out-come. They have to be smart enough to receive and perform commands without questioning.

11. International relationships: no need as they always are greedy in their agenda to exploite.

12. World view: Conspiracy theory

13. Administration: Divide and rule

14. Notion of country: It puts the country above the nation (to use Dr. Sara’s terminologies). The country is above everything and everything is meant to serve the country not the vise-versa. Everything should be submissive to the state.

15. Service: Everyone is forced to give his life to the country, a sacrifice and there is question what for. It is haram (forbidden) to ask about the whys.

16. Citizens: don’t own their rights but the state owns evey individual not the vice versa. Citizens are hostages and must be around as the sacrifice demanded is always high.

Dear FS, I will be happy to continue iresponding you if you have more questions or if you need more clarifications. But first, let me make two things clear.

A. What I believe is, PFDJ as a whole is anti peace, development, freedom, and humanity. Therefore, I will not go into it one by one and give you my opinions on every component. PFDJ system as a whole is anti Eritrean values.

B. Make sure that in my dictionary there is no classification, groupings or advantaged and special higher ranking members. Everyone who is in the system must be good for it and one can not be present with the absence of the other.


Discussion III

Dear Tes,

Thanks for the detailed (much detailed than I anticipated) response. Now, it is very clear to me what you mean by PFDJ system. Now I want to raise 2 points,

1. Now that we have defined the system (and as far as I am concerned, it goes without saying how evil it is), but do you think everyone associated with it are not be reconciled with? or are there certain individuals that are particular enablers of the system that should be avoided at any cost?

2. You know PFDJ do not present themselves as you so articulately described them, they put a different spin to it with emphasis how Eritrean people have been victimized (which I think there is some truth to it and they are able to convince quite a lot of people). So how do we show the mass of Eritreans and even people who naively considered themselves PDFJ, the true colors of PFDJ and more importantly, how do we show them that PFDJ is not good for Eritrea (I think this is the easy part) and (I can’t emphasize enough how important this is) how do we convince people that there are BETTER ALTERNATIVES? BTW, this is not a Q direct at you in particular, just me thinking aloud and hoping we could continue to discuss it…..In my humble opinion, I don’t think calling Eritreans ‘uniquely mean’ or telling Eritreans their current misery is curse for separating from Ethiopia or Eritreans should apologize for their independence because it is the result of violence …is going to work.
Please share with me how you think we can achieve this, I will also think about it.

Thanks again for the discussion,


Dear FS,

For question no. 1: I kindly ask you to drop the enablers or certain indviduals that you are mentioning. I don’t see the PFDJ system with certain group of people like that. The system has been built years before and in fact it is a by-product but modified version of the EPLF secret parties working sytem. Of course, the sytem was built by people but once it was set, everyone can run the sytsem; And the people hired to run the system, there are criterias. For example, YPFDJ is a perfect candidate for the system. Any Eritrean can be trained to run it and once he is in the system, he will perform all actions demanded by his task.

For question no. 2: Everybody knows PFDJ as a criminal junta. The only problem is a sound number of PFDJ folks and some confused people who oppose the regime are not differentiating between PFDJ and a government. After continuous exposure of PFDJ atrocities, the people are now understanding the difference between the two but we need to work hard. But I am very positive on the achievements registered so far. The simple strategy therefore is to isolate PFDJ from the Eritrean life and build trust among the people themselves. When people come united, the governance system will be rightly established. Remember, we are fightig for a democratic system, the people to be governed by itself. Don’t take it as a literal statement. people throughout their creation were self-governed. Therefore, let’s continue isolating PFDJ (today about 60% has already been accomplished, result of my own guess) and once it has reached about 80% or around, PFDJ is gone. Let’s remember, in 1998, almost 100%. was not able to differentiate between the government and PFDJ.

But sorry, this is becoming a discussion between us and if you want to continue, even we can make it by private text exchange or by phone if you are confortable with.


Discussion IV

Dear Tes,

Sorry for the late response. And I won’t bother you with the PFDJ thingy, but if I may I would like to to just point out one thing. Our discussion started with your statement regarding not reconciling with PFDJ and you did a great job of describing PFDJ as a system. As such it is easy to just say I am against this system, but in reality systems are not hollow things, there are people who make up the system, from those who dont know why they continue to associate with it, to those who want to change it, to those who forcibly enable it and everything else in between. So, I think identifying the different shades of PFDJ is going to be important going forward. Having said that,I just want to say this is a minor point to disagree upon and I will support your struggle against PFDJ in your own way.

Regarding the second point, as you said, it is hard to find anyone not negatively affected by PFDJ, so I think our focus should be on convincing our people that there are better alternatives out there. I say that because from my experience, people (especially the youth) dont necessarily know there are alternatives.

BTW, can I take the 16 points you listed that define PFDJ and make it to some sort of campaign brochure (with some changes)?

Thank you!

Best regards,


Dear FS,

It is good that at least the description I did has clarified my definition of PFDJ as a system. regarding the people who make make-up the system, as I said, the system hires people who will run it. There are requirements that need to be fulfilles for such positions.

For example,

1. Suppose a security officer is needed to run PFDJ security office. The person who will be qualified should be good in creating terror and punish people without no mercy. Birgader Abraha Kasa is for example the best candidat for this position. As he was a trained war security gurdiand of the revolutionary days. During the revolution, he knwe how to liquidate those who stood against, oppose or broke the revolutionary commands. From his past experience, his blood became cold through execution of thousands of freedom fighters. He likes torturing people, keeping them in underground and he perfectly knows how to hire who will work under him. But first, the system believes that terror is the only means to keep the society controlled.

2. Controlled Economy: Hagosh Kisha is the best candidat. First of all, Hagosh Kisha is a graduate of economics from USA university. And when he was a student, he was involving as active member of the Eritrean Student movement in North America. He has acquired valuable.sound experiences on how to smuggle money from the western country to the war front and he also mastered on how to collect money from the Eritrean society living abroad. More than that, he took experience on the black market activity of EPLF as he was directly or indirectly involving in the transfer of money. Then, the PFDJ system needs a man who runs its economic policy and Hagosh Kisha, first as an economic graduate and second having first-hand experience on the illegal business activity will be for sure number one to fulfill that position.

3. Information: Yemane Gebreab, as a graduate of journalism and a person who worked in the information and propaganda center of EPLF is a master guru in the brainwashing and infromation delivery needed during the war time. After independence, PFDJ’s political office was occupied by this well known struggle era information and propaganda specialist is number one. And remember that PFDJ sytem needs a very good propagandist and brainwasher. Therefore, Yemane Gebreab will be the best candidat. Being in the political office of PFDJ, he easily controls the ministry of information. After 2001, Ali Abdu became a Minister of information (not fully titled) and knowing who Ali ABdu was is the best candidate in serving as an extension of brainwashing and propaganda officer.

4. Power: It should be very centered, dictatorial and cruel. For this, DIA is the best candidat.

You can continue the elaboration as such but the core principle is, first the PFDJ system is designed in such away that people should serve the country. And to serve, aka slavery, you need the system and of course to run the system you need people. But lets believe that today may be hagosh Kisha, DIA, Yemane Gebreab etc are serving today and if they are gone, other candidates are always present searching for a job. It is a job and the one who is selected for a particular position should work hard for the mission. And PFDJ has a mission.

I would like to emphasise here, first of all, the system is designed by people or it can also be by a single person, just think it like any innovation, a computer or like the computer game machine for example. Once designed and assembled, the whole system needs the whole compnent to be present. And if one component is missing, the other parts will not work. But, we should take care. We may then conclude that if DIA (dictator) is removed, then the system is over. Well, here is the challenge. For the system to work, the other components need someone who can replace the dictator. They need a dictator if not their existence is meaningless. And for this they have a mechanism to nurture another dictator unless the whole system is dismantled.

The tricky here is, how the system is able to reproduce its missing component. I can simply say, a creature who lived in a devil’s house knows the devil and is a devil by default. Conseauently, within the PFDJ system, there are many devils who were nurtured and got matured there. No matter how and when, if any individual officer is removed from the system, the system hires another candidate who can serve the system who is staying around.

Let’s have a look closely on the PFDJ replacement strategy of man power missing from certain component. The ministry of Zonal administration. After Sherifo, the place stayed almost vacant and non-functional for almost 12 years. Finally he got one but unfortunately he didn’t serve long. sooner, the position is occupied by a man who knows the devil’s house very well, Woldenkiel Abraha. The ministry of information has followed the same trend and yet is has no a person in charge as a full minister. The ministry of defence, Filipos is now almost upto that position but no official and known title. For DIA, sure there is someone online and all around are following the trend.

For me, it is just like that of president Putin in toda’s Russia. Putin knows the communist system and after he believed that he secured a firm position in the hearts of Russian people, he came with his mindset and is trying to revive the old Soveit Hegemony through his chauvinistic line of thinking. The same can happen also in Eritrea unless we completely destroy the whole component who make-up the system. destroying doesn’t mean that killing but making them non-function. For this, I say that PFDJ should be banned from the political landscape of Eritrea, there shouldnot be reconcilation with PFDJ and its members should be charged for what they did by law.

This whole dismantling process will take time even after PFDJ fall as still the system will continue to reside in the minds of many people and the economic infrastrature, security infrastracture, the trustship among the Eritrean soceity will continue to have an impact. We have best example of the eastern Europe where the communist ideology is still not fully dismantled from the mind of the people though most of the economic infrastructures are replaced.


I read that you asked to Amanuel Hidrat, whether it is a needed for people to agree on the defintion of the regime. Well, it is not a must according to my understanding but I believe that it will be good for our struggle. It is not a pre-requisite but a necessity to avoid unneccasy terminology conflict and hence it can be a blockage from proper and conscious reconcilation. The problem that I see is not on failing to understand the definition but rejecting somebody’s definition. For example, Amanuel Hidrat and I agree on the way a PFDJ system is defined but Mahmud and Abrhimo are not agreeing witho our definition of a PFDJ as a system. And we have a very rough debate regarding this matter. In fact, it is failure oof PFDJ characterisation that is dividing the opposition camp.

Last, you asked me if you can use the listed above points for some kind of campaign brochure. Well, it is good idea if you find it good to use it and it is upto you. But I would like to tell you that I have put the points here in the awate forum discussion section and I understand that I don’t own them any more though I am responsible for what I said. The copy right is not to be meant for me but it belongs to awate.com. All I can assure you is that I am responsible for what I said but I don’t own it and if you find it good to use them ask AT.

Saying this, I hope you are able to understand my broad comprehension about PFDJ. And I thank you.


The discussion was held within 7 days, 24/01-31/01/2015

Comiled in Angers, France on 01/02/2015