A Letter Written on the Occassion of TPLF’s 40 Years Anniversary

(Originally written at the comment section of http://awate.com/tplf-anniversary-celebrations-looks-ahead-to-regional-integration/ by me I congratulate for TPLF in doing a commendable job by changing himself from a marxist-leninist freedom fighter to the one who accepts political diversity and still keep his prmosie to his own people. TPLF was courageous enough to drop his original manifesto of Abay Tigray and […]

A petition for protecting Teff

I feel some responsibility to put the following post for public awareness and thereby as Eritreans and Ethiopian readers here to voice for protecting our local and tradition products. ——- Those who might be busy and not able to finish the who readings, please sign your petition here Therefore, I call all concerned Eritreans to […]

A lesson that we should not let it pass

Our political organization groups are easily shakable. History shake them, human rights activity shake them and individuals who have big mouth can shake them. We need to build our political organization in such away that they can absorb any shake. If human rights activity reach them, let the door be open and be audited. But […]

A petition for all concerned Youths

Dear ESMNS, I am calling some emotionally drived individuals who are threating openly individuals like Elsa Chrum. I am following the on-going word exchange and outraged hatred based accusations. My call is, if ESMNS is fighting for justice, and it stands against the PFDJ system, there is no rational reason to follow injustice and PFDJ […]