Meditation on Eri-Ethio Co-Existence

External forces come-in when internal forces are weak. Or they come in when the internal force is strong enough to attract. The first statement is true but it generates a negative force however the second is for positive and mutual benefits. In politics both are existent and are exploitative in nature though their end intention is different. Based on this co-existence dilemma, my meditation goes on the Eri-Ethio current geo-political matters but calls back the meditator to be himself.


Whether one force attempts a reaction or not depends on the initial force generated into (this is Newton’s law and is true in our daily life, whether it is political, societal, or economical). Why does countries look beyond their geographical limits and try to interfere into the affairs of other countries. Can we rule out that internal and external policy matters? Why we do so if we became dependent on the policies that once we had a complete monopoly to write them are later our driving forces? How unfair we are to cover our weaknesses because of this and that?

I have being engaged intensively on the Eritrean politics for the last 12 months or more, especially the cyber politics. my focus was purely on internal matters and targeting PFDJ policies, the policies that created all the miseries of Eritrean people. Cyber politics is good as it brings many views and opinions and sometimes doctrines into foreplay. Doctrines are hard to deal with unless there is a win-to-loss game. This might not be healthy as it creates unnecessary tension. I am fine with that but more comfortable with views and opinions. It might be naïve to deal only with the later as doctrines controls the mindset of PFDJ ideology adherents are here and there to destruct the natural flow of open-minded discussions.

Why I am writing this might be of political motive. Indeed it is and why not. But the approach will be more of peaceful meditation. And the subject matter is how Ethiopia orient their mindset and how we are dealing with it. As a nation, it matters us a lot how our neighbors approach us but more than my focus is “how far we strong enough to deal with our own matters.” Ethiopia as a country and Ethiopia as a historical conquerer of Eritrean territory could be defined in many ways on how they reach us (Eritrea). But, one fact remains unchanged: “to be ourselves!”

If we focus deeply on the psychology of nations, every country has a complete freedom to exist as an independent entity no matter how the other treats or tries to influence. How we deal with such matters is of our own choice and it is our duty to follow the suit. Ethiopia might search an opportunity to look into but it is not intended for bad. Who makes bad is a matter of reaction generated from the other. Peaceful co-existence is the motto. How they do it, it can be a different subject.

Concerning Eri-Ethio, different dimensions can be analyzed but the current problem is mainly of FEAR based and old saga of power grabbing mentality. Either can do it for political consumption but the truth is not a secret to a truth searching mind.

I can not rule out that an opportunity driven potential threat exists. The truth is, we are the only and ultimate forces to abort this potential. The more we become weak the more provocation will come as a threat to Eritrean sovereignty. As far as PFDJ continued to arm opposition groups that threatens the very existence of a force that rules Ethiopia, the target force will obviously exert if not greater but equal demeaning reaction.

Let’s now be out of the closed political mantra of the horn. lets concentrate our internal working ability, our strength, our well to be economic policies, let’s not bark on a launched rocket from our neighbors. We can launch our own rocket, we can be strong enough to defend our rights and our sovereignty. Spending on learning development policies, both internal and outreach, has helped me to understand how really PFDJ’s policies are weird enough on their peace and development plans. PFDJ did not declare that our primary enemy is “poverty” rather he conspired the whole world for our status. This wrong externally mirrored outlook hindered us from figuring who we are exactly.

We are a sovereign country. That is it. We are members of the international community. I am not an advocate of “go-out for good” policy rather “come-in for good” policy. The eastern philosophy reminds us that we can only be peace in ourselves and then with our surroundings if and only if we are able to build peace within ourselves. Eritrean society had that norm, value and ethics of being himself. it is not of one days or years legacy but of centuries or more than two millenniums legacy. We were the owners of our own faiths, wealth and health. How then we are selling this rich prosperity that resided within our society by the so called ‘Marxist-Leninist” ideology. We, Eritreans are not materialist individual view can differ, I am talking on societal level). Eritreans had rich experience on handling internal and external issues. if they see these values ruining, they fight for it. PFDJ values are not ours and hence we will not fight to keep them, let them go for good, let them die-out.

We, Eritreans, as much as brave people we are, as much as relentless fighters we are, as far as a truly genuine reconciliatory approach we follow, I believe also we are not internally focused. We give too much attention to our own conspired world views. We conspire it and we follow it.

If we change our principle from considering the conspiracy theory to an internal peace and development policies and thinking that the world is good in this regard and indeed it is, building a peaceful co-existence is not a big deal to  have it.

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