The time looks so bizarre from far though I live exactly on the time that I am referring. This strange feeling about time has started to play in my mind once I tried to explore what I really I have done so far and where I am heading. Theoretically speaking, I might say I am in the right path. But, this is what it makes my time so bizzare.

Questions that I have are infinite at this time. And the questions are simply flowing without questioning the very basic source. The destiny is no where and I am not responsible for that. Why should I be responsible for my craziness? My craziness is my beautity, at least for me.

Why then I am writing about this mixed feelings that is generating from my craziness? Hold on! I am not that much naive to let my thoughts just flash in and be aired to the universe. I believe I have a reason for exploring as they are. Yes as they are and just contemplate on them.

My feelings are then an expression of where exactly I am heading too.

Is there someone to give me a response? I am waiting you very kind points. Take-care though, I am not allowing you to act on behalf of me. For that, i knom myself. My question is limited only if I have crossed my boundary and reached you for different reasons.

Mind of beauty!