Love Physics

Love is Attraction!

This is a simple phrase that went deep into my creation and exploit what I have gone through my physics courses since high school time. I had a strong passion with physics since 8th grade, 1996. Long time. The passion that I developed was not a gradual but sudden and violent. And this was through the works of my Junior Class Science teacher and later my physics Instructor. The name of the teacher was Mehari, sorry I forgot his father’s name but surely some of my old high school friends who are reading this post can add. In one of his class, he brought kind of mathematical puzzle and gave us as a class exercise. The mathematical equation is as such:

[(L+O)^2 – (L-O)^2]*VE/4

This is a simple form of mathematical equation in which it follows an algebraic expansion of an equation (a+b)^2. Solving this equation gives a simple but beautiful word to hear and an attraction that is generated from deep feelings. Hopefully, by now you have solved the equation or guessed what it is from my description. Am I right to guess so? Why not, it is the word that even by itself equals to the the Almighty, “God,” ‘God is Love’ Mathematically, God = Love.

This is then my initial attachment with this beautiful word and indeed beautiful life experience that all in this universe abides for. 11 years after, I again encountered with this word in another field of science, physics and hence my blog is titled by, “Love Physics.”


Source: Google

If love is attraction and attraction is nothing but a “Force,” then, when we talk about love, we are talking about the force that exists. And, according to gravitational force of attraction, two objects are involved to create a force. Two objects then exert force to each other but the magnitude is dependent on the distance between the objects.

Love physics then deals with such objects involved by not forgetting how far each they are.

Simple meditation through physics. I will be coming with my second part but here stay focused. Great!!!

2nd Meditation of the day


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