Field Visit to Leon Day one

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Study Visit in Léon, Spain

Day I, visit I: Visit to Cárnicas Tavito in Matallana de Torio

We took a bus at 9:00 AM from our hotel, Hostal Don Suero found in Léon. After one hour drive we reached our first visit place, Cárnicas tavito found in a place called Matallana de Torio.


The objective of the visit was to observe the processing technology of the small family owned industry of goat’s cured meat with an innovative system of precooking processing.



The company covers all production phases of the ‘cecina’ (dried meat). The people who produce such products are farmers and processors which allows them to control the whole process. This integration of the farmers and producers makes Cárnicas Tavito the leading company in the production of goat ;cecina’.


Tavito uses as its raw material, only quality goat’s meat. The company produces their products using craftsman development, down to the smallest detail in order that the final product produces the desired quality. They only use natural ingredients, always repeating the same process to get the product to its optimum maturity, ensuring uniformity in the final quality.

mountains surrounding this town has the best pastures for these animals. When the time arrives for slaughter, the goats are sacrificed for the development and curing of ‘cecina’ and sausage, its denomination today called goat (chivo).

Currently, ‘cecina de chivo de Vegacervera’ continues to be prepared according to the same craft tradition that has been passed down for generations, leading to it obtaining a quality craft made product with great acceptance amongst those whose palates like the taste of nature.

The ‘cecina de chivo de Vegacervera’ has a certification mark awarded by the ‘Junta de Castile and León’ (Regional Government).

Carnicas Tavito produces ‘Cecina de Chivo’ from both the hind leg of the goat that once cured it is eaten sliced, and from the ribs of the animal. The latter is cooked with goat sausage in a traditional stew: ‘Cecina de Chivo entrecallada’.

Vegacervera is a town in La Montaña Central Leonesa (Central Mountain Range), surrounded by mountains, steep cliffs and herds of grazing goats since time immemorial. Nobody knows better than the residents about how to raise goats there. The


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