Liquidating [Y]PFDJ

Bologna demonstration has given us a gateway in closing the diplomatic fantasy of PFDJ junta. What 40 years mean to Bologna is different for the Eritrean people with that of PFDJ thinking. Bologna was a place remembered as the heart of Eritrean struggle against colonizers, oppressors. It was a place where people come together to express their solidarity for justice back home. It was a place where Eritreans from all walks of life living in the Diaspora come together and give their material prosperity for the sake of future Eritrea. Bologna sine 1974 till before July 4, 2014 was remembered as a place of justice seekers.

But July 4, 2014 came with the different phase of history. Oppressors gathered to dance over the blood of fallen Eritreans, the martyrs, the victims of Lampedusa, the over 10,000 prisoners and those Eritrean who languished in all scattered places. PFDJ came to celebrate his Divide and Rule policy, celebration of evil regime servants. They came as if everything was ok with the diaspora community.

What happened then?

Simply disaster. Disaster for their wild galloping. Bologna became like a gallow. These criminals came to be exposed like a naked Mussolini of 1945. PFDJ is now no more in existence in Europe. That is what I can say. That is it.

Saying this, my topic today is on how to liquidate YPFDJ (Youth People’s Front for Democracy and Justice) a second generation of PFDJ which is nurtured the values, cultures and patriotism of PFDJ and be the next leadership class. It is trained with selected values of PFDJ juntas. Like founding organization this diaspora based youth organization follows a discourse which can endanger the future Eritrea. Since its inception year, 2005, the number increase dramatically and parallel to that its isolation from the rest Eritrean community became glorified because of the evil paths they follow.

Then, how does this organization came into existence? I am not going to bring the historical developments chronologically rather I will bring the main dilemma that took place within its development by over throwing the long standing youth and student association of Eritreans. Youths started to organize in the Eritrean history as one force within the revolution since 1979.Though the organization was working under the umbrella of the revolutionaries, they had some kind of freedom to organize, execute, generate funds and conduct elections. It was like an autonomous organization especially after independence. NUEYS had its own fund generating capacity and branches of social welfare. This being the fact, since 2005 I can say, it became under the complete domination of PFDJ. And this is not a one day process. It started right after the Asmara University movement of 2001.

First, NUEYS opened office in the university and started to arrange programs by replacing the University Student Union. Members were recruited from the university student members who were members of NUEY during their high school time. Though this branch is under the youth organization its main objective was to create a fertile atmosphere for PFDJ control. hence, I can say with the opening of programs in the university, PFDJ indirectly overthrew this union and made an image of its own. Every activity is directly or indirectly monitored by PFDJ offices. For this, we can trace the meetings arranged by this office during its 2000-2004 period.

The Youth and Student Organization was officially liquidated after 2000 when university students protested against the unpaid summer campaign. Before, NUEYS was called simply NUEY and its reach was to all spheres of youth presence. But since they want to dominate the student activities they added S at the suffix and opened branches in the University of Asmara and later to the newly established colleges. Even after doing these many university graduates who grew up under the cells of NUEY carried the same principle and held many positions within NUEYS under the theme of embracing educated people to pace parallel to the growing educated youths. Not only this, the union also included youth workers. These developments were all within 4 or 5 years. But, the youth organization became a challenging to the PFDJ political and social program as they are suspected of having more democratic values. Instead then, PFDJ opened a new cadre school in 2005 first in Sawa and then in the newly established cadre school in Nakfa. Since PFDJ got knew cadres affiliated with the Nihnan elaman principle, the NUEYS branches in the colleges and in Sawa were replaced by new members and PFDJ offices were also opened in parallel. Since 2008, PFDJ/YPFDj offices started to run in each college and got equal sits as academic representatives during the college meetings.

These branches which were considered as Sub-Zoba where the higher institute is the 7th administrative zone under the PFDJ structure got tremendous power in the academic affair of the colleges. Equally also the Foreign branch is 8th zoba. The objective is to control the activities of each activity within the branch and make direct report to the PFDJ political office directed by Yemane Gebreab. This structure became functional since 2008 and literally runs all activities.It has members who got training from the cadre school and leaders are appointed directly by the head office. In this way all youths are under control. NUEYS is one organization which is directed under this office and to be a leader of NUEYS you must be member of YPFDJ.

PFDJ cultivated YPFDJ which special selected topics of Nihnan Elamanan. Eventhough I can not claim that I know everything they have in their mind, being instructed by the same cadres of Nakfa Social School and my follow-up of the PFDJ politics within the last 10 years is easy to trace who they are. YPFDJ are exactly trained as the methodology of “The waves.” They consider themselves as the chosen leaders of future Eritrea. Equally, PFDJ dismantled NUEYS back home as each member of NUEYS knows the reality of being Eritrean in the other hand YPFDJ knows how to be PFDJ. We all know what PFDJ is by now.

The guru of all these network is Yemane Gebreab who master heads all the courses, paths and destinations of the youths organized under this umbrella. One pig picture where each member should keep in his mind is the greatness of DIA. Yemane perfectly formulated a course that glorifies Issaias as above everything. The last 2 days of the cadre training courses are aimed for this. Issaias as the doer of all achievements within the EPLF era. ANd for this the refernce utilized is the 1970 manifesto of “Nihnan Elamanan” and hence is the credit holder. In this way the leaders are trained and organized to serve the regime. In the ground, Yemane gebreab could not dominate the mind of youths inside Eritrea and instead focused outside the country where fathers of today’s YPFDJ have good memories of Nihnan Elamanan. hence, the youths who got confirmation about the greatness of EPLF in their home from their own family are easy to be manipulated by Yemane and become like Nazi Youths who work on uniforms and slogans.

YPFDJ continued to act as bouncers (trained revolutionary guards) and are exactly brainwashed as the wave methodology of the Nazi system. These bouncers know the history of Eritrean Student Association in America and how they organized themselves to serve the EPLF. Since Yemane was member of that organization he knows all the secrets especially in liquidating revivals of progressive ideas and trying to challenge the pre-set ideology.

Therefore, YPFDJ is an outside-Inside kind of organization which works on the principle of “Be careful who you follow, because you never know where they will lead you. ” (Mark hancock). And hence must be vanished as soon as possible. You may ask if you we have a means to vanish this organized criminal youth association that exist in the diaspora? I assure you, “YES WE HAVE and WE ARE CAPABLE.”

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