Victims of [Y]PFDJ gangsters

Let me just share this with you

There was a demonstration organized by Eritrean Justice seekers who live in Europe against a festival organized by followers of the most extreme dictator of this earth. I decided to participate there and it happened one week after finishing my one year intensive master courses. To participate, I left France with other 6 friends by car. Our objective was to be voice of the voiceless Eritreans who became victims,  are victims and can probably become victims if this dictatorial regime continues to exist. After 15 hours drive, we visited the demonstration site in which we immediately joined the large group of people. What I saw and what I can say is a lot. Hopefully I will get enough free time to write all after contemplating with.

In this first blog report of the Anti- PFDJ Bologna festival demonstration,  I will write on one the shocking tradegy of trial of killing done by YPFDJ gangsters in the heart of Bologna city. Good readings.

The first night of the festival, two justice seekers were attacked by PFDJ gangsters. I hope you have heard/read about the incident. One of the victim was our friend who went with me from France. All we were 7 representing a small city in France where we live. The victim is our car driver. After we spent a peaceful demonstration (but of course heated one) during the day, we went back to the place where justice seekers are planned to stay during the three days. It is very far from the center and well secured so that no justice seeker will leave the camp in case of confrontation. The objective of the demonstration was a peaceful call to the regime and the world to end dictatorship and have a free country where people should exercise their rights. Under this strict guidance, every participant has to stay in the area where it is reserved. And it was like that.

Unfortunately, our group mate’s wife gave birth recently and as our culture he wants to repay his happiness by giving good gifts. You know, one is to slaughter a sheep/goat and second to buy here Zurya/Tilfi (Traditional cloth). For this, he ordered ahead of time with collaboration of his friends fro Italy, Bologna. The order was done before and for this reason he took a permission from the organizing security committee to allow him to bring the cloth. Fortunately, the zurya is also with another justice seeker who lives in Bologna. He lives in Bologna and has a bar. Then, after finishing the demonstration, around 9:30 PM, they left the camp being together (our group mate and his friend from Bologna). Since everything was peaceful and no one imagined anything downtown, they left the camp only two of them and with no hesitation. Even he did not say us that he was going. But, I saw him leaving the camp and since I know why he was leaving, I didn’t even tr to stop him. he is a peaceful person and a father of 3 (one just 1 week old boy).

Just before opening the bar, they wanted to buy a cigarette and the dropped from their car and started to walk in the sidewalk chatting about their general life and day event to buy a cigarette from a machine. Here is then where they were confronted by 8 people. 8 physically fit young people who speak very clear Tigrigna. They started to ask them silly questions. First to our friend. Since our friend is new to the area, his friend, the bar owner intervened and started to ask them what the problem is. This is a normal thing as he feels that he is in his work place and knows everybody around (even in Bologna). But, non of these 8 people is known to him. Anyhow, they didn’t give them chance and started to slap them and punch them. No way to respond except escaping. And, the more they run the more they will be endangered. To be safe, they have to enter in any open bar/restaurant to save their life. And they tried to do so. During this escape attempt, these 8 people, who were not looking merciless (according to the victims explanation of the event) followed them 4:1. Just before reaching their safe any open house, my friend felt a big smash in his head (probably he suspects a piece of metal with sharp edge or a broken bottle. But, now way to notice. he has to run. And the second also was hunted by another 4 and he felt something in his thigh and eye brown and cheeks. They blew several strong punches in his face. By all their energy, they managed to enter inside one bar where it was full of people. Everybody was watching football inside. Once they found the room full of people fighting, they just stopped staring at the TV-screen and turned their face on the on-going fight (4:1, 4 from PFDJ gangsters and one justice seeker). Had it being in Eritrea, people could have intervened in between, but among the white people no such help is expected).

The gangsters finally escaped because of fear of police. These 8 people were wearing uniforms (black T-Shirt with a stamp at the back saying ERI-Blood 52. I don’t know what this stamp at the back of the T-shirt stands for but all the festival camp was secured with young people wearing the same uniform. (I have a photo for them taken from far). Finally, they get relieved from the attackers and police an Red cross came to ask and pick them to hospital. Here, is then where we got a call from our friend. It was a shocking call, very shocking indeed. We tried to pick a car and we were not allowed to leave. We tried several times but it was a strong NO to leave. To confirm then about his well being, they called him and allowed us just to talk on phone. Somehow, we oh thank you God. that is all what we can.

Then the justice seekers became very angry and everybody wanted to leave the camp. But, since everybody agreed with the objective of the peaceful demonstration, no one left and we spent the night open-eyed and asking on the system of the PFDJ system of showing his criminal ism. Let me then tell you how these criminals got involved in this night terrorist act.

According to the information we gathered the next day after visiting our friend, these 8 people were roaming around the city if they can get any justice seeker around. And since the bar is always busy with Eritreans they were sure that they can get justice seekers coming to that bar. Unlike their expectation though they later got only 2, the bar was closed the whole day and the owner was in the demonstration to show his solidarity with the justice seekers. All the 8 people came from outside Europe (mostly from USA) and they were like a mad dob going from one corner to another in search of any Eritrean. They had a guider with them who knows the area very well but keeping himself at a distance. People later say who live the area said that these gangsters pent several hours asking about the bar owner. Their main target was to kill this person as he is well known business man and has many customers from the justice seekers camp. hence, if he became the victim, probably they thought that it is a strong message to the others too. My group mate was just an indirect victim. I told you before, he went there just to collect his beloved wife’s Zurya so that when he comes back she will be so happy and proud of her husband. His mind was just full of thoughts about his wife on she will feel good.

But, what he was confronted with was totally different. he was near to death. Though the wound was not such severe finally, is got totally frustrated by the tragedy as he never imagined that particular date and evening to be confronted with such life threatening situation. Of course, he is well aware about such evil acts of YPFDJ gangsters. But this night, it was a shock for him. YPFDJ as an organized terror group in the land of justice and in open area is really a sign of how bad criminal group is the PFDJ filled with.

After going to hospital, they were told to spend the night for further medical checks and other necessary documentations for legal procedure. Already by tha morning, news papers from Bologna wrote about the event on the first page of their papers and TVs and radios broadcasted about the crimes committed. The case is now filed and hope it will be also investigated by international organizations.

Our friend’s head is now with a big white-cover (the victimized justice seeker) and forced to put a hut in his head. And second, also had some injures in his face and a strong pain in his thigh. We left him feeling strong pain and unable to walk as his pain increases if he try to do so.

Another such crime was also occurred but since I didn’t see that I can not say more. I am just like you who heard about the news.

After spending two days of successful demonstration and two peaceful nights in the justice seekers camp, we finally turned our face from Bologna to France.

Sharing about the Bologna tragedy that happened against justice seekers.

* Our friend is one of the most kind person that I ever know from the
people who they live now in the same city in France. He is a hard
worker, father of 3 and who hates violence. Always peace loving people are the victims.

** I forgot one thing to tell you. I told you in the introduction part about the victimized person, he is our car driver. The only one who will drive us all along back to France. Can you imagine what it can happen? Oh yes, because of the anger,, blood poured, two days strong headache he felt after he got hurt ed, he could not manage the GPS navigator well. And, plus the long hours drive, we got lost our highway and we took north direction from Swiss border instead of heading straight west direction. As a result, we totally diverted from our way and spend another 4 extra hours drive from what we should normally take. But, it was a very successful demonstration and peaceful journey except the tragedy that I shared with you.


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