Field Visit to Leon Day one

Starting from today, I have decided to write in my blog for every academic discourse that I am going through. Late, but better to start today Study Visit in Léon, Spain Day I, visit I: Visit to Cárnicas Tavito in Matallana de Torio We took a bus at 9:00 AM from our hotel, Hostal Don […]

Liquidating [Y]PFDJ

Bologna demonstration has given us a gateway in closing the diplomatic fantasy of PFDJ junta. What 40 years mean to Bologna is different for the Eritrean people with that of PFDJ thinking. Bologna was a place remembered as the heart of Eritrean struggle against colonizers, oppressors. It was a place where people come together to […]

Singers of Hell

This poem was sent to me from my friend who lives in Sudan. He did not want to disclose his name though he is willing to share with the public. This poem is for the Bologna festival goers and condemning them by touching their evil acts. Read and say what you can. መዛሙራን ገሃነም መጋርያ […]

Victims of [Y]PFDJ gangsters

Let me just share this with you There was a demonstration organized by Eritrean Justice seekers who live in Europe against a festival organized by followers of the most extreme dictator of this earth. I decided to participate there and it happened one week after finishing my one year intensive master courses. To participate, I […]