Meditation on June 20

When I see June 20 on a calendar, I remember HOW HARD is to give life to others without any hesitation. My fellow Eritreans cool down and meditate please. Go deep to the suffering of our people and listen the whisper of the Martyrs. Fresh air is still coming from the graveyard of the heroes with a message, 23 times louder, telling still they love us.

65, 000+19, 000 = 84, 000 and many deliberately forgotten Martyrs are still crying. And this is just for FREEDOM of their people and Land. Nothing more!

Let’s reveal the true meaning of our Martyrs? Though late, it is time to speak out and follow the foot prints of the justice seekers.

1961 was the date where our beloved fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters went to give their precious life for Eritrean freedom. All the ups and downs, civil wars, betrayal, and hidden agendas tried to shift the course line, but yet Eritreans and Eritrea are lucky to have such men and women who gave their life for JUSTICE. Sadly, monsters forgot this and became drunk by the blood of our Martyrs. Shame!

Eritreans gave their life, not for power, not for changing culture, not for suppressing religious practices, not to create a new social order, not introducing socialism. They did not give their life for Eritrea to be ruled by Totalitarians, Racists, Fascists, and Dictators.

Eritreans fought to get a land to live, a freedom to live, freedom to worship and maintain the social norms and values. Eritreans fought to have a descend and dynamic life, not a predefined life.

What we see today is different. Families deteriorating, land without a person to work on, ports closed, churches locked, schools without meaning, youths fleeing, youths being tortured in Sinai and being deported by force, a sluggish economy, many more.

Thousands are leaving home because of slavery assuming being a slave outside is better than a slave in their own village, or fallen to the mercy of charities.

Is that what the nation paid for the last 50-60 years?

Why people are not using the resources we have in the sea, why we are not allowed to use our ports, why islands are leased to foreigners, why foreign companies get in favor to exploit our resources, why human trafficking? Why not a right to justice, rule of law? Why an extended slavery?

This is not the vision of our Martyrs.

Our Martyrs did not want us to cry, but rejoice with the FREEDOM they fought for. They didn’t want a drop of tear to come out from all Eritreans. But, when betrayal became a king, TEARS BECAME the way to express the LOST FREEDOM AND MISSION of the Martyrs.

June 20 is a day of meditation, contemplation, to unite against the monsters and bring FREEDOM back to the PEOPLE.

All Martyrs know one, at the end FREEDOM is the ultimate TRUTH.

Glory to our Martyrs

Let Justice prevail

June 20/06/2014


*Originally written in 2013

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