What not to ask and why?

Almost all ideas, scientific findings, political spheres, technologies.., etc revolve this way or that in one atmosphere. And this is RELIGION. Let’s cool down and spend some minutes exploring this sphere. In my opinion the goods, ill-roots of all life forms as well as worldly ignorance lies around this. Should I encourage my self for […]

PFDJ Celebrated scholars

Eqbal Ahmed It is no doubt that Eqbal Ahmed was such a highly caliber scholar of modern politics. He moved from Pakistan to USA, fought in Algeria and thought in many universities and lectures throughout his academic career. He was a political visionary deeply rooted from historical and developmental perspective. But why PFDJ took him […]

Meditiation on Reconciliation

Is reconciliation an academic exhaustion? What can we learn from Afganistan in this kind of not-exit strategy? Is reconciliation the end means of the justice seekers, or juctice by itself is? For me, Justice is the ultimate outcome of Rule of Law, not reconciliation as a means to justice. Reconciliation is excuses, excuses of those […]

FEAR and its Impact on Politics

On March 14, 2014, a face book friend asked to his friends a question that he wanted to know the root cause of division among the Eritrean opposition groups. His question goes like this;   “I just want to bring this to the table for a discussion. The Eritrean politics norm of regionalism and religion […]

Meditiation on March 8

My say on March 8: March 8 is a day of WOMEN, and it is a day to remind for those who give quotas or reserves as if it is a political, social or economical Rights. Women are ALL and they own ALL, they don’t want such gift, because they were the givers. And they […]