What not to ask and why?

Almost all ideas, scientific findings, political spheres, technologies.., etc revolve this way or that in one atmosphere. And this is RELIGION. Let’s cool down and spend some minutes exploring this sphere. In my opinion the goods, ill-roots of all life forms as well as worldly ignorance lies around this.

Should I encourage my self for such searches or still continue being an ignorant? I want to assure you one thing: “I don’t want to stop blaming such human searches, because high above this I need time to contemplate and appreciate life as it is.

Are you ready then to appreciate life as it is? If yes, you are with me and here it goes…

Through appreciation a strong force of attraction develops, and in this field of attraction, waves of LOVE are generated. Nothing is new, it was there, it is there and it will be there. But the question comes whether you are able enough to creat such environment.

Still you can feel this while reading and this is nothing but LOVE. And this LOVE always exists, Alpha and Omega. I am not quoting them as they are are direct, for most of us. For me, they have a meaning that I can only understand, and you can also, but only when the frequency of our waves are in complete match.

Then, you are feeling such powers of lfe and you can also have such power.

Hope we agree by principle that LOVE is enough by itself, as pure as it is, and at the same time, being the ultimate conqueror of all things. And yes, I came to know long time before, people saying LOVE is “GOD!” and I think the Holy Book also said it.

If it is true, then let’s apply a simple logic;


and LOVE = the Ultimate conqueror,

Then GOD = the Ultimate Conqueror.

But I am not sure how exactly will you understand what I am saying. Anyway, here it continues… Thousands of years passed questioning and defining God. But is it like what we think and address our question to the Almighty. Or do we need yet another time to solve the problem and reveal the secret of God?

By the way is it the main problem that we have and need to continue asking? Or have we other ways to deal with? Oh innocent creatures come and question the unquestionable. Nothing to fear from. I will dare to call you to have courage.

(Hope you remember my topic on Freedom and talking about courage)

In reality, God is not the problem; the problem is when we personalize God. And when we try to do so, just we get gods. Let’s just come to ourselves. This is what we are doing in reality.

We can awaken from our deep sleep and question the unquestionable, search the unsearchable, speak the unspeakable, with no taboos. We have complete freedom, the freedom that we don’t know that it may exist. Let’s explore the inner truth, to reveal the secrets of life and the Ultimate.

Let’s laugh as laughter is the only medication to human soul. Let’s stop crying, stop worrying, let’s not drop a single tear, but rejoice and live in ecstasy. That is what God wants from us even during the hard times.

Whenever I address my question to the outsiders, I always see misunderstanding, and instead of listening, they start to lecture me. I don’t want to ask a human being, as he also has same question like me. But, sadly, he pretends as if he has the answer for my question.

When I start to speak-out, just it is a spill of my excessive ignorance, so if you are upset with my share, please ignore me. I am just talking to my self.

Remember, I am not sharing to put your comments critisize or appreciate, just to. It is the way it is.

And, to digest the theme is not my duty, you know that….

The talk of the searching mind, TES!

Tesfabirhan WR.


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