Courage and Freedom: Opinion

There are two types of courage as well as two types of freedom.

Courage and Freedom

Types of Courage:

One: courage based on ignorance and full surrender- here one is not aware what is going on in him and its surrounding and is always blind to his way of being. And if one is also in a complete faith (as a result of his beliefs or an ideology indoctrinated to him), the n this person has “ABSOLUTE COURAGE.”

Two: Courage based on knowledge-this kind of courage is knowledge driven and is always relative. As reasoning is a tool for such kind of person, so as his daily life is.

And parallel to this; one will have complete freedom based on the type of courage he has.

Freedom based on ignorance or absolute surrender is a blessing to the one who owns it. As he is not aware for what is going on outside his world, he will live in absolute peace with himself. The problem comes when he is aware of his ignorance or absolute surrender to the ideology or doctrine followed. And once he is out, the CRAZY world is ready to engulf him to her trap and live in misery.

A freedom obtained through knowledge is relative and once attained, it never dies. And this person knows what is happening (All WH questions are in his way).

Therefore, there are these two types of free people around us. In the first group, OMG, u may get thousands. But are meaningless to us. The second type, rare to get them, may be what I can say…. pls let u think of this people.

Free people based on knowledge and reasoning and courageous enough to give light to the people.

Types of Freedom

There are two types freedoms attained at three stages.

Let’s talk first on the first two: these freedoms are External Freedom and Internal freedom.

External freedom: Is a freedom obtained from any agent that tried to limit the personal well to do. these are freedom from poverty, materialistic, sexual, speech, beliefs, practices, movements, forced or unforced responsibilities, cultures, ignorance, access to information, education etc. If one is free from these, yet another freedom is required and this is the internal freedom.

Internal freedom: is a freedom of the mind and body highly dependent on freedom of thinking, spirituality, and to live with it.

And these freedoms are obtained through three phases or processes.

  1. A desire to be free-internal motive that is generated from the one who wants it.
  2. A struggle to be free- this could be eradicating all the external boundaries either by having them or just ignoring them as owning could have an impact on the final outcome; such as materialistic, sexual and so on.
  3. Owning your freedom. One cannot own a freedom unless he desires it and fight for it. And being conscious for every level attained and blossom. Absolute freedom is not a one day achievement or a one day ceremony. For example Buddha was for 40 yrs in constant meditation under the Buddha tree after he finally reached the enlightenment stage-which can be called an Absolute Freedom. But in these 40 yrs we can imagine how he was living as a free man to reach that level.

By the way Freedom is a not final destiny; it is a journey that one may need to live peacefully, consciously and wisely by having his own definition of life.


Southwest University, Chongqing, China

June 7, 2013

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