The lowest form of human positive existence is PLEASURE. To have pleasure is simple and can be attained even by taking two bottles of high alcohol drink or enjoy with flesh of opposite sex. But, in the contrary, the highest form of human existence is ECSTASY.

What is ECSTASY and how to attain it is different to different people. To attain the level of ecstasy, one has to go through a number of life experiences starting from the lowest form of pleasure. This does not mean that one has to go all one by one, but are included within the life transformations from lowest to highest form. And these are mentioned below;

From pleasure to be pleased
From being pleased to be in peace
From peace to Joy
from joy to Love
If one is full of love, compassion is within
And compassion generates BLESSING
And finally a BLESSED person has highest probability to live ECSTASY.

My brothers and friends, where ever you are, who you are, what you believe or how you believe are all sorts that need to be understood.

Pleasure for some could be a feeling attained through worldly things and for others through communication with their Creator. And starting from this every human being tries to live life in its full blossom, to have peace with oneself and joy experienced for being in peace. Joyfulness is a way to have LOVE and COMPASSION to oneself and the others. Being compassionate unto yourself and then towards others gives the fruit to eat and this is BLESSING and finally the fruit will ripen and one lives in ECSTASY.

All are not a step by step processes or a jump to the highest form without experiencing the other. And they are not totally out of consciousness for one who attains this. Above all, they are not just a gift nor as a result of hard work to have these. Just they are our way; one may attain them or experience part of them.

But the question is are we really conscious on who we are? And what blessing we have?

The best thing is to accept life as it is with all its hardships. There are times of sorrow, times of loss, times of depression, times of losing your beloved brother or sister, family and friends. This is what life is. Should we pray not to see this? of course one reasonable person will say YES, and still the question remains with the other person alive.

I don’t know what I can say, but life is like that, having all extremists. But living in the positive line is better than in the negative: to have life ECSTASY and this is a linear positive growth of ones life.

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