Destroying your own identity does not mean the same for history

This piece of my post was written in June while I was in China in response to an article written on

( It was a comment given at that time for what I felt about the article. 

My belief is, history is history. If we try it to manupilate according to our wish, then only we miss the wisdom that we could have learnt from it. History is a lesson that we can learn from the past and make a cross check for what we are doing and then predict for the future. If we miss this basic objective of history, the result is the opposite.

Anyway, have your own view on the article, what I wrote is just mine.

It sounds convincing to the wishful thinkers and those who try to put Eritrean history accredited to individuals. Politics has its course and is up to those who can say it according to their will.

In this article, I have learned how a writer can inter-prate available materials to a desired target. Long time I knew history is according to a writer, but when twisted 180 degrees, it makes no sense to a conscious minded reader.

One basic fact missed her. The writer deliberately forgot “THE PEOPLE.” and tried to pin-point the weakest links and associations of the individuals to an imagined or perceived nature baptized to them. If this short-listed, pin-pointed and dimensional article is according to the writers understanding and perception of the available references, it will only serve only an opinion, nothing more, like what today’s drunk puppets are trying to do so.

Before trying to focus on individuals and their motives, the writer could have traced back the socio-geographic make of Eritrean people. Arabism to Eritreans was and is still with strong foundation. But as I read one fact from this article, Political Islam has never being an issue to Eritrean case till 1975 as the writer cleared and this ideology came only after 1970s political developments within the revolutionary fronts when all induldged themselves on fear based domination and recruiting members of like by killing all/ or at most all the PROGRESSIVE NATIONALISTS which still is complicating the Eritrean case.

With great respect and admiration for the writers articulated fictitious decoration, I would like to wait patiently part IV, but it will be just a fanatic article as Eritrean history is not a history of individuals and is not for boastful and the braggart x-revolutionaries nor for history mockers. A history to serve politics lasts not long.

Eritrea is home of braves, heroes and lovers. No matter who and what one did, it is by no means greater than the masses did. Eritrea belongs to the people and all individuals who contributed to the well being of today’s Eritrea are nothing but part of the masses and they did because the mass were willing to do so. And these domains within the given set are nothing but nurtured by the masses. And if these individuals are going to claim their achievements, it is only through the acknowledgement addressed by the masses. In fact, no one can claim for that, except the Martyrs. The said comrades can only be witnesses for what was done. And the history they have is not their own.

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