Meditiation on Reconciliation

Is reconciliation an academic exhaustion?

What can we learn from Afganistan in this kind of not-exit strategy?

Is reconciliation the end means of the justice seekers, or juctice by itself is?

For me, Justice is the ultimate outcome of Rule of Law, not reconciliation as a means to justice. Reconciliation is excuses, excuses of those who joined their hands in making injustice.

By the way, excuses to whom, and from whom? The politicians for the politicians? From the creators of the injustice to the creators of injustice?

Hashewiye do koynu? bhashewye enteziwidae eko dehan neru, dildul begi’e enber kedili eyu netom mengognatat (Shimageletat). Wey gud, why this supposed middlemen are spending their energy in watching what is happening, as if they are btsu’At kem Pilatos)? If it is for academic exercise, let it be with whole research package and scrutnize who should be reached for what. and from this point of reconciliation is needed for individuals, individuals who need psychological treatments, not political treatments.  And by all means and under such circumstances, Inviduals should be reconciled by Rule of Law ruled by the society.

But the society is always free and do not want such dirty hashewiyetat. because, there is no time to be spend except to come back to normal life and lead their life. The politicians, who really mut their part in the misery, should come in the court and be examined by law. No excuses are needed for such individuals. They should come and see what justice looks like.

For this, we should not be afraid. The society has his own means. And those who say we are free and we want excuse for each other, oh, who is a third citizen from the same society?

Let’s ask our academic excercise before we go to implement our office model. If not, the end result is worse (Remember Amanuel Kant, “The end justifies the means”) and that is what we see a round table politics and never to end.

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