Meditiation on March 8

My say on March 8:

March 8 is a day of WOMEN, and it is a day to remind for those who give quotas or reserves as if it is a political, social or economical Rights. Women are ALL and they own ALL, they don’t want such gift, because they were the givers. And they did not give it to be given them back.

Rather, MEN should be given a day to think their inferiority complex that reminds them how inferiority driven they are in all they life activities. An inferior one always oppresses, dictates and tries to have a position, to be at a higher position, so that everybody can pay his/her penny time.

But, WOMEN, preferred to SAY, “OK, if you are such an inferior creature, deal with your inferiority though you should remember that you came to this earth through me.” She continued to say, “Even I gave you my womb to live in, why not anything that you may want for comfort.”

Therefore, March 8, is a day that reminds how our WOMEN are ready for such generous GIFT to the inferiority driven acts of human being and reminding US just the word “LOVE!”

Photo: From google, (edited one)

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