Just few words for 2014!

If I have words to write, I am writing

It is almost a year this I left my family back home. When I planned to get maried, it was in my mind to leave my family back-home, but I never dreamt it was such a hard experience. 

Imagine, when your baby is saying, “b…a…b..a….b…” being thousandas kilometers away from you. How hard it is?
Worse is, when you call, the telephone will respnd, “ezi Eri-Tel yu zidewelkumlu amil ayterekben.” Forget for the expenses, just 10 € PER 50 minutes, which is one of the most expensive telephone calls in the world. I said this, because there is no other means to communicate. I know that there are more expensive international calls, but, they have other means where they pay zero cent. But for me and other fellow Eritreans, it is unbearable. At least the line could have been ok.

Anyway, counting my expenses is not my objective just it came as a flash, forget it. To come back, Just i want to say hello to my beloved wife and ma belle Angeles and wish them all best wishes for 2014.


I love you all my family.

And I dedicate the year 2014 to our beloved brother whom we lost him on 30/12/2012. His always true friendship and great brother, as a mentor to hard work, hope, dream, reality, small talk and lots of works was his valuable and live legacy.

I am saying hello in his everlasting resting place and wish him peace of soul.


Simon Weldegabir (Rest in Peace). Just today, at this time, family said him good-bye.

How life is unfair?

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