What Social Justice to me IS.

What is Social Justice mean in its true sense?

For me, it is my right as Human being to live, not an idea to be given me. By all means, first is “My Right!”

Social Justice does not mean first do and then you will be given. Rather, it is about “My Right to Live All time, and only if I am living I can do what is asked from me.

A country is for me, not, I am for the country, as equal as a I am not for a religion but a religion is for me!.

I was not born for my country, it just happened, me to be born in my country, which I am proud of and Love it from my deep of my heart as I live my self and my family and my people.

I am not for a country, but a country is for me and to live where I belong too is my RIGHT with no PRE-CONDITION.

If only I got a RIGHT TO LIVE can I defend also for the one who oppose this basic rights. ANd where I live, I need all what a human being needs. And anyone who does oppose this basic rights to live, I STAND as Firm as a ROCK and my energy is like a burning SUN.

I am not different though.


Therefore, brothers and Sisters, LETS STAND FOR OUR RIGHTS.

Lets Delete completely the deceiveful slogan of PFDJ”;

Wrong: Nation FIRST!

What is RIGHT?

My rights First. I came to this world not by choice, but it is what I have to be. Therefore, My RIGHTS FIRST.

I am born in my country as any other child born in any other country and therefore, the country is for me, not, I am for the country.

And this is the basic principle of Social Justice. To be born, live and die where your life progress heads.

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